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Super serious Kertaskerja… but

Here we go again. ALhamdulillah, finished filling in the new madya borang, and finished filling in the prestasi tahunan. I get scared just thinking that come april i have to fill in the income tax again. if I have a choice I’d take not fillin in the forms and letting the gov just cut off whatever thely want to cut off, aterall this world is sujjanul mukminin right? Right and it’s mostre sujjan than taking your money, they make sure to force you to fill in the borang. i learned it the hard way ma, when me and ustaz komputer had to stay in the glass room and fill in ten years form of income tax. Those sujjanul guards, they were quite nice- did not threaten us with lock up the way the mahkamah guard did this morning. But they sort of lock us in there and now i make sure I go to the annual pilgrimage, come april- to the income tax office to fill in the form. Of course they have the electonic ersion, but being a technically challenged, I have to go in there for them to teach me how to use it ( a year is a long time, so I need to be taught again come april) Did I tell you about the mahkamah  dementors? had to go there because I got a saman from the jpj dementors – because I did not wear a seatbelt ( cmon ma it’s only jitra!) Anyway, the JPJ person, he was being nice when he suggested to me that I should not pay to him the Rm300, but to go to the mahkamah instead and pay Rm150 instead. He was so thoughtful, he tipped me to be nice to the magistrate, or the magistrate might fine me RM400 instead. Feeling confident that I know how to be nice to a magistrate, I didn’t pay him the rm300 then. In my mind I had this video image of me charming off the magistrate that I got off free- maybe  convince him that I was this nice thoughtful makcik who onlly slipped at that one and only time with my seatbelt, and oh, would he let me off instead and I will donate RM300 to charity and the magistrate and me  would share the pahala of the RM300 (and I wouldn’t mind sharing the pahala with the nice JPJ guy too).

What I forgot was my ability to show up at the mahkamah. the first date- i went in the afternoon instead of in the morning. the not so nice JPJ who issued me the saman had a bad handwriting that read 2.30 p.m. instead of 9.30 a.m. I would scan it here and have you judge what it says (but no techie work please, so you just have to take my word for it) Ok the mahkamah people gave me a new date and wrote twice the time: note 9.30 a.m. it was two month after the first call. Okay I had the time, but I forgot all about the date when the time came, because at that time I was so miserable about not going to the hajj, plus I was off the office so off my organizer. The third time would be next monday, but I have to go to penang to deliver this paper that I have to write now, so I went to the mahkamah to get another date. The guy went mad and said”nasiblah”, but he became reasonbale enough to tell me that I can get hep from the JPJ.

The JPJ people, again nicely offered to write me another saman ( how nice thank you) so that they can cancel the old saman adn they could even set up another date with the mahkamah should I still want to try my luck persuading the magistrate.  I said, no thank you, I’m done with the magistrate I never get a chance to persuade. I count myself lucky they havent thrown me in jail yet for engkar mahkamah. let me just pay the full saman at JPJ, at least over there, you can pay at any day and any  hour.  Plus also, I just got this new thinking, if they can cancel the old saman, why don’t I go there and persuade them to just cancel the old saman and NOT write me a new one?)

Anyway,  I would need to do the persuading another day. coz what I reallly need to do today is to start and finish this super serious paper titled kedudukan kaunseling dalam ulumunnafs.

of course whenever I have to write a super serious thingy, I would start wanderng all over the internet, and now my lates wanderings are in fb. I have created sooo many groups, but all of them need to be created, maa. So, that’s not really wasting time, don’t you think ? hehe

ok, let me get offline, and vow not to get online until I finish, what do you think? good strategy huh?  Yeah yeah I know, only if you stick to them. I need a discipliner,  not just an organizer. wish someone would sell them


Pages vs. Postings….(also me vs. ustazkomputer)

aha, I just learned tonight, the difference between pages and postings. And I learned that on my own, without having to ask Ustadz komputer.. I yam soooo proud of myself!!!!

I also learned another difference between me and ustadz komputer. He told me that although he has many blogs, he does not have one for telling the world about himself.  You see with me, I can’t help telling people stuff about myself. When raising funds for the fire victims, I had to stop myself from writing about the time when my phd office was on fire. When raising fund for the walimah of the anak yatim, I had to stop myself from telling people that my daughter is not yet taken ( I failed.. he he, sorry kak iman!)

In fact this catch all blog is my attempt to create an outlet for all my stories (that I must tell the world, even if the world doesn’t care) so that I can keep all my  other blogs professional.

Here I don’t put on any persona, and it doesn’t really matter because who would take the time to read out other people’s personal blogs? I figure the only people reading this would be my little kids ( to see if their names would come up) and two big kids (coz I bug them to),  ustadz komputer ( so that he can point out editorial mistakes); and probably my old mrsmers friends – the few who claimed they enjoyed my writing no matter on what.

But some how ( as all bloggers must feel), deep down, I’m kind of hoping that some future friends would stumble on my blogs and shared a bit about my life, and things would happen – like a great anonymous friendship ( can friendship be anonymous?) I believe it can because there are a few people whose blogs I follow, and I consider them friends – sort of – a one way friendship, coz I am anonymous to them, but they have shared part of their life with me.  And now I am doing the same thing to people, and I hope that not all would remain anonymous.


I’m flying!

Ha ha, not really.. but a few steps for me in blogging, a leap into public communication and dakwah.  Today I learned how to register for another blog ( and another blog); and I learned how to upload pictures! Here, let me show you one

Kak Iman and Abang Mat on his convocation ceremony

Kak Iman and Abang Mat on his convocation ceremony

Huh, ok. so I learned another lesson just now- too big  a picture too slow in loading. never mind, nobody wants to see the picture anyway, except for kak iman and Abang Mat ( or maybe not even them) . Say, nobody wants to read about a makcik getting excited about uploading pictures, but as they say, you can shok sendiri all  you want in your won blog. No one will criticise you coz nobody visits anyway!

More things I’ve learned today. Is that when you have more than one blog, you ( me, ok maybe it only happpens to me) tend to post the wrong thing in the wrong blog. My first post in my tazkirah blog kept turning up in my semua mau thing.

Now, back to deleting and re posting.

I have also wasted ( or should I say – invested) a lot of time previewing the themes in appearances. I’m gonna do that only for tonight. I figure, once I have chosen suitable themes for all of my blogs ( don’t ask me how many- it’s still growing), i can go about the business of communicating.

It’s so gratifying to know that I can type in my own messages instead of having to rely on other people- not unlike when I first drove a car to the supermarket… didn’t know exactly what I was doing, but I got to the supermarket and back…. whoooeeeeeee!

I ‘m gonna bug Kak Iman and Abang Mat to visit my site and put comments.. heh heh

Why a Dakwah Makcik Needs To Be A Techie

I have many excuses for not being a techie:

1)  I’m a makcik; that should be a good enough reason for not having to learn the computers

2) I’m a counselor. We’re supposed to be experts in the matter of hearts. language yes, computers – no.

3)  My interest is in dakwah; which means I need to learn the fiqh and missionary skills, Arabic- maybe, but surely I do not need to learn to surf the web.

However, many roads of experience have taken me to the same conclusion, that I should shape up and learn how to maneuver across the net, or be left behind.

1) Need to start a Persatuan Kaunseling and Psikologi Islam Malaysia – you need to start a website or a blog, and advertise to the right people.

2) Need to start a small foundation and do fund raising – also the net is the way to go

3) Need to sell my house and my car – I still haven’t learned enough to post an ad for my house

4) Need to advertise my home stay service ( now that I have not yst sold the house) ; 5) Need to advertise my PhD training service ( now that I have to pay for two houses and the homestay is not selling )

also the clincher, need to dakwah people before I go – where else can you put your say that you can find (or hope to ) people who are willing to give time and listen to you- the web the web the web!

I have come to the conclusion that being able to publish on the net is a necessary personal skills; the same way that you need to know how to drive and how to type up your own work.

I have attempted (and failed) three times in paying another person to set up a website for my small foundation; the first time- money gone, project half way through. The second time, I was a bit wiser, so money saved, but project also half way through. the third time, the person did not even get back to me.

Which is why now I have made up my mind, as old I am, that I need to invest some  time and energy and learn this new skill; at least enough to be able to get my message across to those that I need to get in touch with. I rationalize, because the end product is to dakwah to people, that Allah might give me reward for learning these skills , and that the ‘nyawa’ time spent on fiddling aorund with blogs and website is considered as amal soleh.

I must, however, check myself so that I do not waste unnecessary time doing these two things:

rattling verbosely on nonsensical or trivial matters (I guess like what I ‘m doing now. I’m sure, it would be suffice to just say- need to learn to blog in order to dakwah, makcik)

spending unnecessary time trying this and that widgets.

ok, enough time on trivial stuff.