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My old friends – Ideas on how to keep in touch

This must be old ideas to everybody, but it just occurred to me, if everybody has place where they keep their family latest photos and updates, and we can read  into their thoughts, we might create and maintain silaturrahiim- though deferred through times.

i guess facebook and friensdster ect could cater to that- but do we have that much time to socialize? and I am no no techie. so this would be the only place I  can dedicate a bit of time to socialize.

Since these pages are for semua mau, and I have already dedicated investment in learning how to blog – for Allah’s sake, might as well put in a little bit more effort in sharing about family life to old friends.

I’m hoping that the rest of you ( if you ever visit my blog) would care enough to drop some comments, and provide link to you website, facebook, blogs whatever, so that I can keep up with your development too.

In the meantime. if you love me enough, keep visiting this website and drop some notes.

I for one- declare  as recommended by our prophet SAW – Ana uhibbu — I love you all!!!!!